InterTransis - ETA/ETD of ships

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Intertransis provides a real-time data-feed with details about the port calls. Port call information includes information about expected incoming movements:

  • Berth and terminal to be used
  • Estimated time of Arrival at Pilot Station
  • Estimated time of Arrival at Berth
  • Anchor status
  • The agent
  • Previous port
  • Entry point

For all movements the following events are available:

* New Inbound Movement Announced
* ETA Changed
* First contact with port authorities
* Dropped Anchor
* Heaved Anchor
* Estimated Pilot boarding time changed
* Pilot on board
* ETA berth specified
* Entered port area
* Arrived at Berth
* New Shift Movement Announced
* ETD Changed
* Pilot on board
* ETA berth specified
* Left Berth
* Arrived at Berth
* New Outgoing Movement Announced
* ETD Changed
* Left Berth
* Sailed

Details about the API can be retrieved here. Requests to this API are limited to 10 calls per minute and 150 per hour. An API key can be retrieved from the Intertransis experts at location